How do I put my very own Raptus & Rose frock together?
Passionate is the word that best describes us: we are passionate about travel, discovery, fashion, fabrics, about our work and our customers.

Our workroom cupboard makes your dreams come true, with vast collection of vintage fabrics, sumptuous brocades and fabrics from all over the world.

We haven’t got vast quantities of each one, but we have enough to guarantee we can make a unique frock, just for you.
What makes us really happy is finding just the right solutions for all those women who come to us for help. What we say is:
"Tell us who you are and we’ll give you just the frock you want!”

Click on the link below to choose the fabrics and colours of your dreams, and we’ll send you our suggestion by e-mail as soon as we know what you like.

Tell us about your taste