I am not a photographer. Nevertheless, I can not stop taking pictures, I am always taking pictures, I take pictures of everything. For me it is like drawing, like choosing a fabric, like assembling folds on the mannequin. They are my hands moving around, to fix a thought, a gesture, an idea or even just a suspended instant. I love imaging that instant, that harmony, and even that chaos, that lack of balance, or that defect for which I have fallen in love, to be catched, holded and given forever to eternity. I like symmetry, I like travels towards faraway places, shops full of fabrics, the fitted carpetings of hotels and the tiles of bathrooms. I like more details than the whole. An unexpected detail makes my heart beat faster than a sunset on the sea does. This is the photographic tale of the last 3 years, during my work travels, or inside Atelier, or among feet and hands speaking more words than faces and smiles can do. This is me and this is my work, which then are the same thing. These are 3000 pictures seen by 2 eyes and taken by 1 iPhone.
3000 pictures 2 eyes 1iPhone


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© DIVINE ROSE SRL 2007-2019Policy Privacy P.IVA 01175420254 CREDITS