Stromboli is the name of an island and a film and it is also the name of the new R&R dress. This dress has been conceived to enhance and express to the full a woman’s femininity and passionate nature.

Designed to celebrate the summer, it takes its name from the Sicilian island and it recalls the natural elegance of a woman like Ingrid Bergman, the star of the Rossellini film of the same name.

The bodice features a central button hole representing the essence of femininity which, together with the two broad shoulder straps, draws the eye to the décolleté. The midriff band, so typical of R&R frocks, serving as both an insert and the link between the bodice and skirt, is higher than other designs from the atelier. The skirt follows the line of the thighs perfectly and, being knee-length, it lends the dress an air of classy elegance. As ever, this dress also follows the golden R&R Rule of 3 with its three different fabrics.