Jaipur is not a full-length dress but rather a short Kaftan with a V-neck, its special feature, the long sleeves puffed at the ends.

Jaipur takes its name from the Indian city famous for its sandstone architecture all painted pink, hence its popular name the Pink City.
Jaipur is home to the Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of Winds which has nearly one thousand windows decorated with intricate latticework. To the artistic purpose of this architecture was added a practical function, in that it served as an observation post for the ladies of the royal court, enabling them to watch everything going on outside without being on public view.

Jaipur is thus a very feminine city, both in the colour in which it is clothed and the palace designed with women in mind.
The Raptus & Rose atelier which designs clothes for women and whose name includes a shade of pink, just had to create its own homage to that place.

As ever, made of three different parts, bodice, midriff band and skirt, in three different jersey fabrics, Jaipur has been specially designed for all those women who love wearing trousers.