In 1971 Luchino Visconti presented the world with one of the most delightful images of all times: Silvana Mangano in Death in Venice.

Playing the part of the mother of Tadzio, the actress embodies all the elegance so typical of early 20th Century Europe. Aside from the music of Mahler and the almost total lack of dialogue, the most unforgettable image is of that woman strolling along the Venice Lido beach in that extraordinary hat and veil, her studied simplicity impossible to ignore.

De Bains was inspired, both in its lines and its style, by that film, by that elegance and, above all, by that legendary woman and actress.
The Raptus & Rose designers sought to create a frock that is both simple and stylish, something to wear on different occasions and that recalls the refinement so typical of that bygone era.

The most outstanding feature of the bodice is the jersey overlaid with lace, also covering the V-neck, offering a veiled glimpse of the décolleté, for a more sophisticated look. The ¾-length lace sleeves add yet one more touch of class.

As ever upholding the golden Rule of 3, the Des Bains frock is one of the most classy models in the entire collection.