But that’s not all! As always happens, the dialogue between our designers and our customers sparks the desire and the need to create yet more variations.
This was the inspiration for Brigitte – Double-Layer, with lace on top of jersey.

The variations in lace then took on off in a big way - Brigitte in lace only with ¾-length sleeves, and Brigitte in jersey and lace, but not sewn together so the layers can be worn separately or together.

Finally the Brigitte – Triple-Layer arrived, with the lower part made of 3 different jersey fabrics and the upper one in lace, also with lace ¾-length sleeves.


But it didn’t even end there! The desire for something new never dies, so along came Brigitte – Pure Cotton, with cotton as the star of the show, but with a special something extra: underneath that cool, homely material is another filmy chiffon dress. Brigitte – Pure Cotton is a frock with two faces with yet another fanciful touch in the form of a vintage foulard bow.