360 was the very first Raptus & Rose frock. Istanbul was its inspiration. As we wandered the city streets we conceived the idea of a frock for travellers, one that would look good night and day, that would be both functional and fanciful.
The main features became a bodice with a V-neck and ¾-length sleeves, joined to the knee-length skirt by a midriff band.

It was our conscious choice to use 3 different fabrics, stretch jersey which is the most adaptable to different cuts and vintage fabric for the skirt. This was the genesis of the Raptus & Rose trinity concept for frocks combining 3 different parts and 3 different fabrics, the latter the secret weapon of this concept, allowing the frock to be completely personalised because it is the customer who chooses the fabrics and the way they are teamed up.

The name comes from 360 Istanbul, a penthouse bar and restaurant built atop a historic apartment building. The perfect application of modernity, its all-glass walls provide a stunning 360-degree view of the entire city.



Raptus & Rose Palermo Soho is the short-sleeved version of the 360, with a V-neck and knee-length skirt.
The name of this one was also inspired by a trip. There is a quarter of Buenos Aires known as Palermo Soho, famous as a hive of alternative culture, bursting with positive energy. The area is full of fashion and design studios, restaurants and bars, with a strong street culture feel. This special atmosphere attracts young people in their droves, who live there and open businesses in the distinctive low-rise houses, creating a vibrant bohemian feel.



Having named one of our frocks after the Palermo Soho quarter of Buenos Aires, avid travellers that we are, we decided to dedicate one to the entire city.
The Buenos Aires version completes the trinity of the first Raptus & Rose frocks: a 360 or a Palermo Soho with long sleeves, still with a V-neck, knee-length skirt and, as ever, made out of three different fabrics.